Tuesday, October 11, 2011

trying to focus...

I’m on a summer vacation from acting. [Well, kind of. I’m rehearsing a little project right now called Hit & Run V…but more on that later. And, well, truth be told, I’m still doing my dialect work and constant monologue-ing, more on that later, too. I promise.] I turned down two perfectly wonderful leading roles in the last month. The last three years I have been jamming as much into my schedule and resume as I could handle, but I've always felt that on the cusp of grad school I should be hungry for theatre. Even if you’re not an actor, you’ll relate because that feeling has more to do with coming thisclose to realizing the dreams and ambitions you’ve always cultivated. I was hoping that by starving myself of acting it would make school that much more meaningful in the long run because it filled a spot in my soul, and not just on my resume and in my head. Seemed like a solid plan, too!

But life has a funny way of…changing…your plans. My partner has been toiling away in nursing school for years. He was scheduled to finish right on time this coming summer, so we would be free to relocate for my grad program immediately after. He’s spent a couple semesters doing prerequisites, put in a year and a half on the wait list, and worked 4 quarters into his actual program…aaand he breaks his foot. It wouldn’t be a big deal for an average student, but a nursing student needs to demonstrate their practical abilities in clinicals. So! An optimist might say that we have lots of new options to pick through. But it’s pretty safe to say I won’t be applying to grad schools this year.

...well, I know Reed McColm will be excited to hear that :)

The photo is of Anfiteatro Sagunto, a partially restored Roman amphitheater near Valencia, Spain that I visited in March 2010. When my focus is off, I think of how long theater has existed despite the fact that for centuries it’s been labeled a dying art.

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