Sunday, July 31, 2011

Critic's Choice Awards

Our local newspaper, the Spokesman, has published its Critic's Choice Awards, and hoooly moly do I feel lucky! I was a part of three productions in the past theater season (2010-11), and two scored awards. And better yet, both are ENSEMBLE-based awards! These nods really do reflect my feelings towards both of these groups; I felt challenged, supported, and laughed my little lungs out with each of these amazingly hard-working casts. Congrats to ALL!

BEST PLAY: Opus by Michael Hollinger. "This is the finest play I've seen about making music since 'Amadeus' and one of the best plays I've seen in Spokane, period. Director Jadd Davis put together an exceptional acting ensemble to tell the story of a string quartet struggling to rehearse for a White House performance. The quartet has plenty of relationship conflicts, yet in Michael Hollinger's script, the most compelling conflict is the one between the musicians and Beethoven. The fine ensemble consisted of Dave Rideout, Bethany Hart, Tony Caprile, John Oswald and Patrick Treadway." (that's me to the left!)

BEST OVERALL PRODUCTION: Metamorphoses by Mary Zimmerman. "...This show featured a huge swimming pool in the middle of the Civic's Firth Chew Studio Theater...In the hands of director Yvonne A.K. Johnson, this was no gimmick. It was a glittering metaphor, illustrating some of the ancient themes in Mary Zimmerman's script, based on Ovid's poems. 'Metamorphoses' competed stroke-for-stroke with 'Opus' for best play, yet this category seemed to fit its accomplishments even more perfectly." (the photo on the top left of the layout is of the Metamorphoses ensemble)

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