Monday, May 2, 2011

50 Hour Slam

I was lucky enough to be asked to do three 50 Hour Slams here in Spokane!
Unfortunately, this 2-day filming spree took place on a weekend that I had four shows at the Civic, so had to decline the last two of them to ask :) It turned out to be a fun morning project with a big group of my friends, and I got word that yesterday that our team (who filmed MemoranduM) won the judge's award! There were 60 or so entries, but about half of
those didn't make it on time, with the secret line/prop, or under the short film
time limit. About 15 of those were screened at the Magic Lantern last night. If you missed that, each complete entry will be uploaded online eventually, and they are currently running on public TV. But the contest still isn't over...a viral award will still be given to the film with the most online votes! So start watching!

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