Thursday, January 27, 2011


I should still be sleeping to recover from yesterday! I shot another VO/green screen industrial yesterday for 4 hours, worked at my day job for 4 hours, did a callback for the Spokane Civic Theatre, did a show of OPUS at Interplayers Professional Theatre (complete with talkback after), and watched a movie with my husband so we could stay up past midnight because he turned 30 when the clock struck 12! WHEW!

Highlights included:

1) a graphic verbal blunder. I shot the VO/green screen industrial in a city about 45 minutes away, so by the time a coffee-less 11:00am hit, I was tired. So I'm shooting a whole bunch of those (usually) boring medical training videos that nursing students have to watch all over the US. These spots are full of scary vocab and medicine names that I can't prounounce. So when a spot ended with the phrase "bony protrusions", I accidentally say "boner protru...oops." Nice. Needless to say, the cameraman actually had to leave the room to compose himself, and everyone behind camera giggled mercilessly while I tried to make it past that phrase another, oh, 3-5 times. I am SO PROFESSIONAL. jeez.

2) our talkback at OPUS! It was the smallest talkback yet, about 20-25 people stayed. But it felt really awesome. I love talkbacks, both going to and giving them. We got to talk about how rosin-less bows mean no noise, how we trained and practiced for playing instruments none of us had touched before, why our set was designed in a particular way, the challenges and rewards of performing on a deep (almost arena) thrust. One thing I shared was how I had my own dressing room and the 4 boys from the original quartet get a room. I balked at this immediately; I love the pre-show banter. I get to see who's on their game, who's tired or grumpy or, it's just fun! For this production I always leave my door open to invite company, but the boys close theirs. And rightly so; they're dressing for God's sakes! But I hear them discussing that awesome reveiw, and this costume, and that director that came to the show, and this parking might seem boring to you, but I feel left out! Which has turned out to be...great for this show. I've learned to really use it to my advantage, because I always feel like an outsider, seeing them as a quartet in more ways than one. I'm trying to use negatives like this to my advantage. Though now that I've spilled the beans, I hope nothing changes for tonight's show...!

3) I got a part! The callback I squeezed in was for Metamorphoses at the Spokane Civic Theatre in the studio! I got to perform in this show awhile back but it was a mask class, and more of a workshop or thesis project than an actual show at WSU. I have also appeared in Arabian Nights by Mary Zimmerman as well (also at WSU), so I have loved this playwright for several years and I knew I wanted to be a part of this show...even before we learned a swimming pool was being brought in for the set! This will be a huge acting challenge (playing 8 parts or so in the pool in a highly-stylized show) and I am so excited for the nice long rehearsal process to do some daring things, character-wise (compared to the 12 rehearsals our professional theatre gets). Yvonne Johnson, our director and the artistic director at the Spokane Civic Theatre, has a really specific vision. She was lucky enough to see Metamorphoses when it premiered on Broadway at Circle in the Square in New York. Metamorphoses subsequently collected the 2002 Tony awards for Best Play and Best Direction of a Play...sooooo I'm thrilled!

4) Finally...spending time with my partner on his bday :) He is THE reason I can pursue theatre on a daily basis and insists I will continue to do so for the rest of our lives together. This alone makes me a lucky, LUCKY person...not to mention how much fun we have together when we can squeeze it in between all the other stuff! Love you, Ben!

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