Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OPUS tech is overrr!

What to say??! We are well underway for our opening of OPUS and, if I may take a moment to gush...I love this cast!! The chemistry is really interesting, I find something more every run, and the dedication is just there! I'm SO LUCKY!

I performed a few things for the 2011 Interplayers benefit, and got to experience a quartet in their finest moments; backstage. This was really pivotal for me and the timing couldn't have been better. I got super creepy and eavesdropped relentlessly while the super fabolous Tedesca String Quartet out of Spokane prepped for their performance at the benefit. I heard the last-minute debates about bowing patterns, I saw the rosin come out and the good luck charms stashed in the cases, and I watched the warm-ups and tuning. They were really interested in our show; I'm really enjoying the crossover of our artistic mediums. And holy goodness, are these ladies talented. Wow.

We took a musical rehearsal in dance studio so we could utilize the mirrors and our fabulous coach, Charlotte Bickford of the Tedesca String Quartet. (Photos of that coming soon!) Ever helpful, as always, we finalized lots of bow choreography. The set is more than taking shape (sneak peek at left), and the costumes are done, publicity photos are surfacing in the news and online! The only thing that's left is my job...!

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