Tuesday, January 4, 2011

OPUS at Interplayers

My nail polish is chipping!!! After watching several quartets (one being the amazing Spokane String Quartet in November at the Fox...what a show!), I noted several things like hair styles, jewelry (lack of, rather), shoewear, and the lack of nail polish that string players tend to cultivate. Since I desperately want to fit that mold for OPUS by Michael Hollinger at Interplayers Professional Theatre (Jan 20 preview, shows Jan 21-Feb 6 - tickets & info for OPUS HERE), I'm doing my best to figure out not only what is appropriate physically, but why. And the reasons for not wearing bright pink nail polish struck me after about 5 minutes of viola playing at our first rehearsal yesterday.

Our awesome (and patient) coach, Charlotte Bickford, improved my posture and positioning...apparently! "Is this right?" I asked, showing my best and most tension-free positioning as I bowed. She scrunched up her face a bit and walked over to me, reaching for my wrists and pinkies. Her adjustments made my joints feel like they'd never been used (yeah, yeah...ominous words for a 25 year old) and I could tell that my biceps and my collarbone were going to be sore the following day. "Better?" I asked, hoping to lock this contortionist position into muscle memory. "Well..." she sighed, and keep tweaking. Then, finally, "TAKE A PICTURE! THAT'S IT! THAT'S PERFECT!" she said, as she stepped away. If this is it, I thought, I don't feel like a professional violist. I feel like...I don't know...Gollum? Christian Bale's Machinist? An idiot?

My dogs definitely don't approve of my home practicing, alternately howling and running for cover. But they're both going to get used to it because I'm going to make this thing legitimate and authentic...at least if you're sitting offstage!

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