Tuesday, December 14, 2010

wonderful predicament!

As an actor, I shouldn't even venture into this territory. Complaining about too many audition invites is NEVER a problem. Buuuuttt...I am about to do an audition that I don't exactly want to do. Don't get me wrong - It would be an awesome project, huge acting challenge, great on the resume and I would probably learn a ton. So why am I reluctant? Because I want to do something else in the same time slot...and the audition for the "something else" is later this year. Either way, I may not get cast no matter what I decide to audition for. Which is why my wonderful partner asked me to do this audition as a "favor to him". Too bad he knows that nothing would get me to prep a monologue faster than that plea! That is a potential weapon!

I do know how blessed I am in a city this size (*cough* Spokane is SMALL) to be faced with this, so I'm just going to put my heart into both auditions and see what happens!

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