Monday, October 18, 2010

Rehearsing rehearsing rehearsing....

We wrapped Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? over the weekend! It was a short project, but felt a bit extended because of the hour-long drive to get to rehearsals and shows. The audience was tiny one night (but not small enough to check one of my list items off - perform to 5 or less paying ticketholders) and the numbers improved the next, which made the commute worthwhile (not to mention the text...gah!). It was a very rewarding project as far as the artistic team goes (the team directly related; does not necessarily apply to the big hats at Lake City Playhouse), which really melts my butter :)

BUT I am still rehearsing three (count 'em, THREE) staged projects right now. More to come on that.

But for now I want to address something to the artistic community out there (*wave*). I have a question. I had a six-day project with a
commercial company (VO, green screen, teleprompting, you name it) which I actually wrapped in two. Of course I could have stretched it out to bulk up my paycheck (and probably my agent's, too), but then again...if I finish to their satisfaction waaay under budget, won't they HIRE me again? Those words were my farewell the other day, and my heart jumped to hear them...but how often does this really happen? Then there's the big-kicking-fact that I was sick to note; check out my post regarding my first day of shooting. So, actors, what's your take? What do you do in these situations?
EDIT: Alright...I got hired again! But is that a one-time thing? Did I luck out? Or has the industry rewarded you as well by giving you more jobs when you are an efficient performer? I need some input, people!!!

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