Sunday, May 23, 2010

Reviews Psychopathia & Steel Mags

I'll address the most recent post later on...pretty much insecurity creeping up on me, I think! I'm so happy with Psychopathia Sexualis! Backstage, this has been one of my favorite casts at Interplayers. So far :)

Anyway, I realized I never posted the Steel Magnolias reviews; for me, personally...well, they balanced each other out quite nicely! (Photo at left backstage as Shelby; courtesy of Chris Wooley & Your Beautiful Photo!)

I some wonderful feedback from the Inlander with this one: "As Shelby, Bethany Hart maintains a quizzical grin on her face through most of the beauty parlor banter – amazed and amused by what-all she’s hearing, but also strong-willed enough to insist, gently, on her own way. A diabetic-attack scene is handled with exceptional realism. Throughout, Hart looks stricken but upbeat, pale but spunky. It’d be the evening’s best performance if it weren’t for Kathie Doyle-Lipe in which is apparently her third local performance as Ouiser…" Just a little background on this...Ms. Doyle-Lipe was my first Civic director for (surprise) The Wizard of Oz in...1997! She's been one of my local idols for yearrrrs and I am smitten with her work. I cannot wait to work with her in director-actor capacity again, and I felt like keeling over at that pesky last line. All five of the wonderful women I was fortunate enough to work with made this job easy...action / reaction basics! Wendy Carroll (who played Clairee) and Melody Deatherage (my mother!) in particular placed some wonderful things at the forefront of my mind each night, not to mention director Mr. Green!

But, TRULY, thank goodness for subjectivity. With the good comes the bad, and a healthy dose of perspective! I think this was a shout-out to me in particular..."Plenty of magnolia was in evidence, but not enough steel" via the Spokesman Review! A vague line like that will keep me working hard, eh?!

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