Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Based on a true fetish.

This show will be my second John Patrick Shanley of the season! Our last dress rehearsal is tonight. Reed is directing! If you'd like to come to Psychopathia Sexualis, see the dates via the Interplayers Website. This one's a real comedic gem, and I'm doing some new things that I'm excited about! There are a few set things and costume quick changes to worry about... thankfully, I'm a change-er, and not the change-ee?? So I won't be the one to go on half-naked if things go wrong, but I'll feel even worse for that if that occurs! We had press photos a day before the set was painted (oh-so-typical) but I think we worked even harder to showcase ourselves in the portraits for it! Case in point...
Anyway, working with this ensemble has been an absolute
delight top to bottom.
I've been very lucky the last two projects in particular in that realm. God love it when professional relations are smooth so we can all just focus on the characters!!! Cast includes Damon Abdallah, Dan Anderson, Caryn Hoaglund-Trevett, and John Hart (haha, no relation!)

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