Wednesday, March 10, 2010


An acquaintance of mine works at the Spokane Visitor's Bureau. Part of their job is to make sure Spokane gets publicity for...pretty much every little thing it produces and/or nurtures. Which includes me! She sent me a link they found titled "Most Popular People born in Spokane, WA" (and take this with a grain of salt due to the fact that this is according ONLY to IMDb). I am #28 on the list...out of only #145! I think it's hilarious...Spokane is so small! I don't have a photo on IMDb (I'd have to pay for it...ummm, no thanks) but I guess it's kind of fun that she recognized my name! I saw a few friends that I've acted with before on the list (Kris Higgins, Lisa Foiles, etc.) so I'm passing this on to them as well!

I just might miss Spokane when I move away. Maybe!


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