Monday, March 15, 2010

I didn't TELL YOU THIS??!

I'm backdating this post because it belongs waaay-back-when....and because I can!

During our run of Steel Magnolias we were warned that a wrench or two might be headed our way. THANKS for the heads up! because this is harder than you think! If you were given a word on a slip of paper to incorporate naturally into your dialogue just an hour before showtime, could you do it? Sure, no problem. What about if you were given THIS WORD to put into a 1980's beauty parlor...
THAT'S RIGHT! ROBOT! My heart was pounding as I thought and thought before the curtain. I was waiting backstage for my first entrance when it hit me...the hair dryer things look like robots...right??! This goes back to an old adage I was taught in undergrad at WSU...If you're going to stink, stink with authority! So I did! And it was awesome! I remember another secret word, ANTLER! It seemed as odd as mine, but they were fun to hear from the felt like a twist on the actor's secret!

Our director, the infamous George Green, also had a secret prop night. There were small scattered props onstage (most out of audience view) for each of us. We just had to keep track of them. It seems simple, especially after you start calling the set home, but keeping track was the hard part!

I love these fresh-savers! Does anyone else get to play games like this to keep you thinking onstage??? What are they?

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