Sunday, February 21, 2010

Oz & OSF

Last night, I went to the Spokane Symphony's The Wizard of Oz. I thought it was amazing! It was billed as a symphonic night at the movies; the film played above the symphony as they performed the orchestrations. The new version of the film was gorgeous, and had SO much more underscoring than I recall. It was in the renovated Fox Theatre...all I can say about that beautiful space is wow -- I am jealous! I've been in Oz three times and choreographed it twice (I even live in an Oz themed neighborhood...unintentional, but still!), so the relationship I have with these book and the film made the night really fun. A program note really got me thinking...I'll type it below with a few touches of my own;

"...[Live theatre] has one major drawback: the moment of its creation is also the moment of its demise. This is one of the more interesting attributes of [theatre] -- its fragile existence in time. In a live performance neither the performer nor the listener can go back -- as you could reading a book, or looking at a painting -- to recreate the moment of its inception. [Theatre] vanishes the moment you [experience] it. We truly live 'in the moment'....Nothing can replace the experience of a live performance." ~Eckart Preu, Music Director

I replaced "music" with "theatre" and "hear" with "experience". Every time we fight for theatre to exist in our education systems and our communities, we feel the need to affirm its rightful place in our lives. I think it is so important to constantly recall these attributes that are integral to the art form that I mold my life around.

Today, I got tickets to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival! Every year, I always think it just might be my last. OSF is one really great thing about living in the Pacific Northwest. Nothing has taught me more as an actor than watching these wonderful interpretations of Shakespeare & other beautiful literature, and observing these talented artists (onstage and off). I complained last year that Dan Donohue took a hiatus from OSF, but he's back! And playing could I miss that???!

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