Monday, January 11, 2010

Steel Magnolias!

I had an audition for Steel Magnolias at the Spokane Civic Theatre and landed Shelby! I actually read for both Shelby and Annelle; either would have been fun. Annelle has quite a character arc. But I'm really excited about this role. Working at the Civic while I'm here in Spokane has been fun. On the resume, I'm not sure how much community theatre will help me. But I never fail to learn something while working here, which is good enough for me. The Spokane Civic Theatre is the most award winning community the nation. And for good reason. All aspects of theatre seem to align. In recent houses, it seems that either business or art gets sacrificed to keep the theatre on its feet (especially now, when $ isn't exactly flowing...) and, unfortunately, it's understandable why. But this theatre seems to have it down!

Now that I'm used to the professional 3-week rehearsal time, a month and a half to rehearse seems like an eternity on paper. But I'm looking forward to really using the additional hours and putting lots of effort into Shelby.

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