Monday, December 28, 2009

MFA + new play?

Update! No part in R&J at EWU, but I'm not upset at all. I love me some Shakespeare, but for every NO there is a YES coming soon! I have come so far because of all of these auditions. The default actor mode to take it personally, or cry my eyes out, or blame the director, blah blah blah is really part of the past for me. I'm developing my thick skin and it's really going to be a benefit in the future. I'm excited about the next audition (Steel Magnolias at the Spokane Civic Theatre). My mom and grandmothers have already decided the part(s) I should play (they have different opinions). So hopefully I'll get a bite there!

What I really wanted to write today regards my future MFA. A Masters will be a big step. It's a terminal degree, after all, but I don't do anything in my life without going into full-on research mode to assure myself that it's the right thing. So I've done seriously extensive work on universities and conservatories that offer an MFA in acting (NOT musical theatre, mind). I mean, like the biggest spreadsheet you've ever seen in your life. The fully sortable columns include class size, AEA offered, financial support, city/state, professional affiliations, important faculty/alum, personal rating, classes or method emphasized, on and on and on...Anyway, I'm talking HOURS of work. I find most of my material from online searches and ads in American Theatre Magazine. Well, a poster for an online forum mentioned this book...The Directory of Theatre Training Programs. Apparently it's a yearly publication...and I just now heard about it. After all of my Google searches and everyone that I interrogate! Faculty members, board members, teachers, directors, former MFA students, current MFA students, professional actors and cast mates...and no one has mentioned this book! It sounds like just what I need! I found it at the library but it's an in-library copy only. So I'm printing my 15+ page spreadsheet asap and hauling it downtown to glean info from this book!

If you'd like a copy of my spreadsheet, shoot me an email! Even if you're not an MFA seeker, it's worth a solid laugh at my ridiculous obsession.

EDIT: I accidentally printed my spreadsheet the other day...70 pages! WHAT! That's just crazy! (At least I'm aware that current boredom leads to insanity haha)

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Angela said...

That's awesome! I'd love a copy of the spreadsheet, if you don't mind sharing it. I believe you have my e-mail. :)