Thursday, December 3, 2009


The last two days I had an audition and callback for Romeo & Juliet at Eastern Washington University. Obviously, I'm not a student, but I went to see The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie just a few weeks ago and loved it. The acting was solid (as were the majority of the difficult Scottish dialects), the set was super functional and visually appealing, the costumes were awesome. AND I keep hearing wonderful things about the two lead faculty members there. During the curtain speech, the director opened up auditions for Romeo & Juliet to the public. So.....why not?! At the very worst, I have another audition under my belt, which can only remove tension for future auditions. There would be downsides if I were to get a part; it's a 45 minute drive one-way, and I wouldn't be able to do Steel Magnolias at the Spokane Civic Theatre. But the upsides of landing a role would be pretty major!!!

I have so much to learn before I leave Spokane and I don't know WHO to learn it FROM!

The photo is of the very beautiful (and YOUNG!) Dame Maggie Smith! I definitely want to check out the film, now!

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