Thursday, September 24, 2009

Film news - Teenage Dirtbag

Until recently, I didn't have much information about a film project I worked on called "Teenage Dirtbag" (originally "Amber & Thayer"). It premiered in LA, but I was working on a stage project in Washington state at the time, so I couldn't attend. But lo and behold, it is coming out on DVD in a month! You can pre-order it on Amazon or Netflix. See the website here -- it's got a pretty cool layout and fits the film completely. Unfortunately, it was filmed prior to my name change, so I'm billed as Bethany Webley (as is all of my film work listed on!). It was a great project to work on, mostly because everyone was amazing to work with! I kinda miss these people!!!

Catch a showing in my own neighborhood at the Garland Theatre on October 15th at 7pm! Or see it playing in Seattle, Portland, Bonner's Ferry, New York, San Fran, Denver...(gosh, I haven't even seen it yet)!

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