Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cast in DOUBT

I am very excited to announce that next season I will be portraying Sister James in Doubt by John Patrick Shanley at Interplayers Professional Theatre! The show goes up October 22 and runs until November 7...which means you still have plenty of time to buy your tickets! This should be an interesting show. It won the 2005 Tony award and I am certain that it will challenge you in a lot of ways if you are not familiar with the storyline yet. I'm especially excited for this opportunity, even with the close proximity with its film debut (which is something that usually makes me reluctant and nervous). I will be joined by a few castmates from the troupe formerly known as ARt (Actor's Repertory Theatre), including Aaron Murphy, Rebecca M. Davis, and director Roger Welch (whom you may recognize from Coeur d'Alene Summer Theatre). Also returning to Spokane as Sister Aloysius will be Ann Russell Whiteman. I cannot wait to for October to come so that we can get started on Doubt!

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