Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Double the fun...

A bad bit of luck turned in my favor today. I'm currently hard at work in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at the Civic Theatre in Spokane, and the actress originally cast as Sandra quit (kind of...). It's always difficult for an ensemble to work around losing a player, no matter the circumstances...and it has happened to more productions than I care to mention! But lately, I've been standing in for this part since my stage time does not conflict. It's been really fun, and after five days I inadvertently memorized the part and did it off book at yesterday's rehearsal. Today, Yvonne asked me if I would perform both my part of Nurse Flinn as well as Sandra! Obviously, I jumped at the opportunity! I'm not sure if I've ever performed two parts in one production that are intended for two different actors (Interplayers' The Dining Room is designed for each actor to play about 10 roles). So this is a big challenge for me. Over the break for the next two days, I have some work to do for the character (as well as going back to The Dining Room's journal to see if I can re-use and tweak those tactics for playing multiple roles). SO EXCITED!!! This theatre has already offered me more opportunities than I ever could have asked for!

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