Friday, November 21, 2008

Disaster? Doubtful!

Two nights before opening. Everything is ready...props, costumes, actors, and set. The first scene revolves around timing, energy, overlaps, and high volume. As we are performing, we hit a groove. It's like cruise control on the freeway, but it keeps rising. And we are all feeling it. It was a euphoria that I had never experienced in such a large group.

BUT...just when we were about to hit the peak of the scene, we hear a rush of water. The upstage portion of the set displays a working kitchen. We can see that the sink is on full-blast. No one was sure what happened, since nobody was near enough to turn it on. We play it, adding it into dialogue and try to move through it. The two brothers move upstage to turn it off, blaming the dad for shoddy plumbing. As the youngest of the two boys turns the handle to try to get the water shut off, the handle shoots off of the sink and a geyser of water erupts from the now-exposed hole adjacent to the faucet! We now have a replica of old-faithful as a 9th family member! Characters go down the drain as the water douses actors and the kitchen. Finally, as the techies shout "SHUT IT OFF!" into their walkies, the water subsides. A moment or two passes and we're dumbfounded...until the playwright breaks into laughter.

"I wish I had written that into the script!"

COME SEE "TOGETHER AGAIN FOR THE FIRST TIME" AT interPLAYERS...maybe the sink will explode again!!!

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