Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cast in The Dining Room!

Good news...I have just been cast in A.R. Gurney's The Dining Room at Spokane's professional Interplayers Theatre! It's my first job there, and in many respects, you might consider it a first professional stage job for me as well. I am so looking forward to a brand new set of people with a different energy. I'm all about new vibes and environments! My rehearsal schedule will be 8 hour days for about three weeks when the show opens, which is something to adjust to (but it sounds absolutely fabulous from my current POV).

There are 50 or so characters in the script, and six actors play them all. In my ten character span, I play 8 years old to 60 (one of my characters is literally called "Old Lady")! So I'll be stretching my range and continuing my education in this very exciting new stepping stone in my career. THANK YOU for your support thus far! Find details online here, and let me know which night you come!!

P.S. This is the first show of the Interplayers season, but it sounds as if I may have a job for a good portion of the year! Look for me in the upcoming season!!!

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