Friday, July 18, 2008


I've had constant artistic work in the last four years (and probably longer, if I thought about it really hard). But since I'm going through a transition as far as my location goes (I'm moving August 1), I haven't set anything up. It's odd to have this amount of free time, but I'm trying to use it wisely. I've been reading a lot of autobiographical material on Grotowski to learn more about the why to his philosophies. I found out that he taught at UC-Irvine for three years, and was a colleague of Robert Cohen, whose textbooks I used when I was teaching my acting one class at the university! I want to do more investigating into their relationship, but it makes more sense as to why Cohen reminds me of Grotowski's principles.
I hope I don't have long to wait until a new production offers me a spot...I have three auditions set up for theaters and a film in the coming weeks left in August. I really hope I nail them -- I'm looking forward to a brand new theater environment. This transition strikes me as sort of a test, a rite of passage that a professional in any field has to go through.

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