Friday, July 25, 2008

Anne Frank: Her Journal vs. Mine

***Journal entry transcribed word-for-word...
thought you might enjoy***

November 1, 2003

I'm listening to music and I just looked up at my digital clock. I just took the wrapping off of my water bottle; the water is freezing cold. My pencil is sharp and I think my shirt is brand new. so the only thing that anne and I would have in common is our diaries. I've never had to think about life and death before, but just a few pages of her book tells me how much more mature she is than I am, even though she was 2 years younger than I am now. Every thing she had to go through made her grow up so fast. but just as interesting in her diary is how funny and saracstic she can get. how do you face death and life every day and still stay funny? there's this line in the script about how she knew her journal would be published someday...haven't found it in her actual diary yet, but I think I will. I bet she knew. She would have adored life today I think...with Hollywood and headshots and fresh fruit and red shoes in every store. Where curiosity is okay and positive people like her are praised. The show opens in 13 days. I usually dedicate shows to my dad or my sister or something, but I think I should make these ones for Anne. I'm kind of reluctant to say that, because I can't do her justice. but I'm going to try! One of the most powerful tools for me as an actor is my memory and history, so I think this might help.

[sic...and the show actually opened 12 days after this entry]

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