Monday, June 30, 2008

OSF 2008 + love for Othello

I've been attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival yearly since 2001. Nothing has so dramatically influenced my abilities as an actor more than this festival's productions, preshow discussions, actor talks and interviews. On my third trip to the festival in 2003, I saw Hedda Gabler for the first time and fell completely in love. Up until now, it has been my favorite production. I finally saw Othello this summer. It's always been in my top 3 Shakespeare texts, but I'd never actually seen a production. It was gorgeous. Dan Donohue has been one of my favorite actors I've ever seen perform, and he really had me going during this show. My favorite section was the "I hate the Moor" speech (really, how can you not love that?), and actually just the last two seconds of the show before the lights went out. I can't describe the chilling close and do it justice. If you have time this summer, you really should see this show...especially if you think you don't like Shakespeare =)

EDIT: I forgot about this initially, but during Othello, I sat next to an older man with a single ticket. I began chatting with him within moments of sitting down,
and asked if he was out on business or vacation (since he was alone). He laughed and told me of course he was seeing the play for fun, and at this point I noticed his British accent. We got to talking about our favorite Shakespeare texts, and I recall him mentioning The Tempest. He likes Ariel and the fantasy qualities. I asked if he'd seen a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. He laughed again and said yes, several times (I know, I know, idiotic question). Then I said, "Wouldn't it have been amazing to see Peter Brook's version?"...and he said, "Yes it was quite amazing." !!!!!!!!!! I had to wait until intermission to pick his brain, but he was so awesome to tell me more. I never got his name, but I wish I had. He was a good-natured man and such a great sport to deal with my enthusiasm :)

EDIT 2: Dan Donohue is NOT returning to OSF for 2009...I am heartbroken!!!

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