Monday, April 14, 2008

Last Days at WSU Theater

Passion has closed. Our last audience was sellout -- about 400. Those healthy audiences can definitely boost a comedy! It was a wonderful run, albeit a bit bittersweet. We had a lot of technical / tech team issues prior to opening, but it made the run that much more successful -- that we were able to pull this thing off. I was very proud of this production!

I'm moving to my next project. It's a short piece called Patter for the Floating Lady by Steve Martin. Yes, that Steve Martin!
Believe it or not, it has a lot of depth, and gets very intellectual and even clouded sometimes. It will be performed in our small black box theater, which I haven't worked in for 3 years. But I think the intimate audience will suit this text really well. The play is about a magician who fell in love with his assistant, and actually takes place during one of the "magic shows". Our biggest challenges are private vs. public faces and making sure that we understand our dialogue so that our audience can understand it as well. My biggest challenge is creating a role different from the one I just closed -- on the surface, these characters are a LOT alike, and I really need to find the time to sit down and do some good table work (time has been short lately!). It isn't a traditional piece, so I'm excited to test myself with this one.

The top photo shows me with Dr. Terry Converse, the director of Passion and one of my all-time favorite people ever after closing night! The bottom photo was added after this blog was posted; it's David Bennett and I following a show of Patter for the Floating Lady.

I like these photos because it shows that I had to cut 7 inches off of my hair and try blonde for Passion, but had to go back to black for the next show days later!

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