Friday, March 28, 2008

Passion Tech is in two days and...

...for a college production, a four-week rehearsal schedule is unheard of. It's a massive chore in such a short period of time, and it always turns out sloppy. With 135 pages of dialogue (dense dialogue, mind you) it has been doubly difficult. Especially considering the alter-ego twist...Jim (Todd Johansson) and I tend to shout out random lines whenever we feel like it. The logical order isn't always on the surface, so we have to work pretty hard to justify the reason for some of these, not to mention the intent behind the pause in the usual James/Eleanor dialogue to allow these comments. And the masks add an additional complication. BUT I think I'm finally involved in an exception to the aforementioned college-productions-in-four-weeks... no-freaking-way rule. This show is looking great!

The set needs so much help, but that's the only reason I'm nervous for tech. I think it will be a VERY good show!

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