Wednesday, March 12, 2008

MFA Candidacy...FINALLY some answers

Well, some good news and bad news. It seems that I am the first on everyone's waiting list for MFA programs (I don't feel right naming them, but there were five...). Which is good for the ego, but doesn't get me very far. I'm blessed to even be considered, given my 22-years-short track record. As before, U Houston very much cared about me, and followed up very closely following my return. This case in particular was a bit disheartening. They take three women, and a miracle happened -- all three on the top of their list said yes. And I'm number 4. When he called me, Jack Young expressed his surprise and told me that he really expected to be working with me. He told me that my competition simply had "deeper" resumes...more credits than I (which seems impossible since I'm pushing 40 shows...but there it is!). And USD sent me a wonderful letter telling me I was in the smallest pool of final candidates -- again, great to hear, but bites when you think about how close you were.

I've made peace with the whole thing. I'm taking 2 years off to save some money and get some more lines on that resume! I'm happy to do so, I wouldn't want to be the youngest in an MFA program anyway, come to think of it. In all honesty, I'm glad to know that this year's big stress is finished and I can stop holding my breath!

The Alley Theatre (Houston, TX), my almost-home! They won the Tony for best regional theatre in 1996. I'll work there someday...

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