Thursday, December 27, 2007

Passion Play at WSU -- Auditions soon!

Passion by Peter Nichols (also called Passion Play for earlier editions) is the final WSU Mainstage show for the season. It's a gorgeous script.

The play deals with the themes of passion and desire for the main couple, Eleanor and James. James commits adultery with a far younger girl, and Eleanor attempts to cope. There are a plethora of secrets between the two, and it centers around revelation and discovery (which are wonderful elements for both actor and audience). The catch with this script is that there are two more characters onstage; the alter-egos of James (Jim)
and of Eleanor (Nell). They always speak their minds and act accordingly, though the real-life couple rarely does the same.

What will be unique about this production is that everyone cast will be masked, and eventually Nell and Jim will take their masks off. Of course this early concept may change, but it sounds wonderful to me. I have been involved in two masked performances before, but only in intimate black-box theatre settings. I'd like to try maskwork on a large show, so I'll be auditioning.

Eleanor Positives:

  1. Maskwork through the entire production.
  2. A chance to work on sustained energy and mystery. I'm not good at keeping secrets with my eyes or exercising restraint, and I'd like to work on that.
  3. Eleanor is aged a bit -- another challenge.

Nell Positives:

  1. A raving, screaming banshee at times -- the truth to Eleanor's abstruseness. I would get to react to anything I wanted.
  2. The opportunity to be unmasked while everyone else is masked -- going against the flow and creating my own energy.
  3. The opportunity to work with a well-scripted part playing opposite Jim -- an equally aggressive character. Reaction and interaction that looks fun.
  4. I feel like Nell would be more fun all around (I can't think of a better word -- forgive me!). This character would require a lot of experimentation, and I would get to do lots of things before I settle on a character scheme.

I think I'm going to audition for Nell, although I would adore doing either part. Wish me luck!!!

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