Saturday, September 1, 2007

Titus Andronicus as LAVINIA!

I am ecstatic! I will be playing the part of Lavinia in Washington State University's mainstage production of Titus Andronicus! I have been waiting and waiting to do another Shakespeare (It's kind of ironic, however, that I've been restless for Shakespeare because I want to perform the language...and I'm the character who doesn't speak after Act II...I guess I'll take everything I can get!). I remember last year telling my peers that I wanted to play Chiron -- it sounded like an amazing challenge. But when I auditioned, I focused on Lavinia instead, knowing that would look better on my resume when auditioning for an MFA candidacy. After thinking about it some, I love the aspects of Lavinia that are always familiar in my work -- she is a victim, she can't communicate (like Betsheb in The Golden Age and Sally in A Lie of the Mind), and she is a lot more intelligent than anyone cares to know.
I am very excited for this role. My personal challenge to myself is to experiment specifically with the moments following her rape and just prior to her death. I'd like to make very strong and potentially unique choices if my director sees them fitting within the scope of his concept!

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