Friday, December 1, 2006

Teaching Assistant

I've been offered the post of teaching assistant for the entire year of 2007 - 2008! That means I'll be helping out with Directing I and III in the fall, and Directing II in the spring. I hope I'll have the time to give everything I'd like to these programs. They are very close to my heart, as the acting courses in particular opened me up to a lot of things. Dr. Converse has been great in allowing me to experiment freely, and never ceases to challenge me. (sometimes I wish he'd give me a break!!! jk)

I'm most excited because he told me that I can teach a few classes in the Mask Characterization class. I have some really strong concepts that I feel like they left out when I was enrolled in the Mask class as an actor; maybe I can help alleviate those gaps.

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